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Empowering youth with
the tools they need to live a mentally healthy life.

Our guided self-help program helps youth overcome depression and anxiety.

In low- and middle-income countries, better access to mental healthcare is badly needed.

Globally, mental health conditions account for 4.9% of disease burden and 15% of all years lived with disability. Depression and anxiety are the most prevalent conditions.

Among people in low- and middle-income countries who live with mental disorders, more than 75% receive no treatment. Half of the world’s population lives in countries with just one psychiatrist serving 200,000 or more people.


Guided self-help is an effective way to improve mental health.

Over 50 randomized controlled trials on the impacts of self-help demonstrate medium to large effects on depression, anxiety, and subjective well-being.

There is strong evidence that guided

self-help has comparable effects to face-to-
face therapy- even
 when calls are as short as

15 minutes and programs last only a few

Our goal is to bring guided self-help to youth without access to care.


A participant goes through self-help material via WhatsApp.


A trained lay counselor calls weekly to check in and provide guidance.

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